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Site Chat

Sorry, but this section isn't Pocket PC compatible because there's no Java VM for the Pocket PC yet (at least, one that integrates cleanly into Pocket Internet Explorer). Please visit this site on your desktop!

If your browser is not compatible, try the ActiveX version instead.


Chat based on programming by Philippe Majerus
Based on a idea of Diane's Pocket PC PDA Page




Chats are scheduled to take place daily at:

 - 02.00 GMT
 - 21.00 EST

 - 09.00 GMT
 - 04.00 EST

To work out what time the chat will be in your country or region, consult the Time Zone Converter.

Please note that this chat board is for general Pocket PC discussion.

There is, of course, no need to stick to the scheduled times. Feel free to turn up whenever you want!

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