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Contribute Game Review

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If you are writing a review, please indicate which device you used.


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If you are submitting a link to a review elsewhere, or wish to include a link or links that you feel are relevant to your review (e.g. the game's homepage), please include them here. Obviously, if you are submitting a link to a review rather than actually writing a review, there's no need to put anything in the Review section.



Please note that reviews should be of a reasonable length (normally around 600 words) so as to include a good level of detail. Also, I do ask that I be allowed to do any editing if necessary (i.e. correcting any typos!). If you have any screenshots, you can either mail them to me (please state which review they accompany), or provide a link to them and I will add them to the review page. A brief list of Pro's and Con's at the end of the review would be much appreciated.

Please give a rating out 10 to the item you are reviewing, 1 being terrible, 10 being the best. This rating will then be translated to an appropriate smiley (or otherwise) face for use on the Pocket PC Games.NET games listings pages!

And, assuming I haven't put you off too much, you can copy & paste (or type) your review in here:


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Needless to say, on each of the Contribute pages, you're not obliged to provide any personal details such as your name and e-mail address.

Obviously, should you wish to be credited, you should at least supply a name!

Should you want me to be able to contact you, please ensure that you include a valid e-mail address.

Should you prefer, you can always get in touch with me via e-mail.

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