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Chopper Alley primed for launch

[ Friday, April 6 ]

The final, feature-complete Chopper Alley is almost with us. The latest, and hopefully completely bug-free, version of the game has been sent to a small selection of external testers whose approval needs to be gained before a public release. As Sven Myhre notes in his posting in this discussion thread, this is hoped to be done by tomorrow afternoon or, failing that, Sunday. However, as soon as the game is released, "all registered customers will be notified by email the minute it's available, along with a high-capacity mirror download path."

There's good news too for Cassiopeia and Jornada owners. Work is continuing on a beta version of Chopper Alley for these models, and a newly-implemented "interlaced display option (only every other line on your display is actually used) will give you a 30% - 50% increase in framerate". This feature will also find its way into the iPAQ version at some point and can be turned off if the decrease in quality (said to be not all that noticeable) is not to your liking.

Aiming High...

[ Friday, April 6 ]

AIM Productions have announced two new titles, G-Pod and Done in 50 Seconds. G-Pod is "an action/arcade game about gravity, where you have to fly through tunnels, keeping your ship balanced, and avoiding or blasting enemies". The game comprises more than 50 levels, the player's objective being "to find the magic G-Pod - hidden somewhere in the tunnels" before escaping.

Done in 50 Seconds is, according to AIM, "a mind teasing puzzle game. Steal the car out of the garage within a given timeframe. Plenty of other cars, motorcycles, trucks and items block your ride to the door and you have to move them in a clever way to get the car you need. Think fast, move efficiently and blast away in your dream car!"

RocketElite demo released

[ Friday, April 6 ]

The RocketElite demo is now out and, having been playing it non-stop for a few days, I can assure you that it is well worth the download! Although currently the game is in the domain of iPAQ owners only, the author, Douglas Beck, has stated that "after I complete the game, the first port I will attempt will be for MIPS devices."

What's more, an easy-to-use mission editor is under development courtesy of Curt Tooley, as he explains in this RocketElite discussion thread. He has a "VERY preliminary screenshot" up to give a rough idea of what to expect. Check out the Level Design section on the RocketElite site for more details on how you can create your very own levels for what is shaping up to be a top title.

Pocket Strippoker comes out

[ Thursday, April 5 ]

AIM Productions' latest Pocket PC title, Pocket Strippoker, has been released. The game, as indicated by its name, is very much an adult-only title and features amongst others "exciting and addictive gameplay, high quality pictures optimized for each Pocket PC screen" along with "funny and witty comments by the girls".

The game, which also includes an HTML file containing the rules of Poker, is available in English, French, German and Dutch. A demo is available to download; the full version costs $14.99.

My 3Pics, Pocket Marbles, PocketRubik reviewed

[ Thursday, April 5 ]

PocketGamer.org reviewer Jason Surguine has been doing overtime again! This time, he brings you not one review but three: My 3Pics, Pocket Marbles and Pocket Rubik.

Chopper Alley: Bug blasted

[ Thursday, April 5 ]

Chopper Alley author, Sven Myhre, wrote in to let me know of his latest update posting which states that "the infamous bug is fixed and everything is seems to be working fine. We'll continue testing tomorrow, and we'll come back tomorrow evening with solid release info. We'll probably test it thoroughly for a few days, but it will be out this week."

In addition, there are two new images from the game to admire. What's more, Sven also confirmed to me that, "Inspired by the incredible (!!!) demo by Phantom, I'm implementing an interlaced mode, which should make Chopper Alley playable on" the Cassiopeia's and Jornada's.

Gem of a game

[ Wednesday, April 4 ]

As found on the ever-excellent Ludipocket, AhnDaGo Software has released Gem Hunter which, according to their site, is "a highly addictive puzzle game that offers colorful variety and endless combinations."

Although you'll need to examine the game's homepage carefully to fully understand all the game's intricacies, the basic object of Gem Hunter "is to locate a number of hidden gems in the playfield.  You will tap the arrows located around the board to launch a beam into the playfield.   Based on the behavior of the beam, you will be given clues as to where the gems are located."

At the time of writing, the game was available for ARM and MIPS devices - an SH3 version is on the way - and is available to buy from PocketGear for $8.99.

Miniature Golf

[ Wednesday, April 4 ]

Miniature Golf has been brought to the Pocket PC and "is the world first 3D Mini Golf game only for pocket PC. You can enjoy 18 distinctive holes with fantastic feelings of swing and stunning sound any time and anywhere. Each hole features different theme such as battle field, game soccer and bathroom."

There is a demo available to download (for all Pocket PC's) which features the first three holes from the game. The full version, available to buy from PocketGear, will set you back $19.95. Thanks to Robert Thayer Jr. for pointing the game out in this Brighthand thread.

Genesis emulator under development

[ Wednesday, April 4 ]

Domenico Dato, emulator programmer extraordinaire, wrote in to let me know that he is currently working on a Sega Genesis (a.k.a. Mega Drive) emulator for the iPAQ. The emulator, based on Generator, "is already running quite well, but I had to remove sound emulation for performance reasons. Speed is not that bad, but more optimizations are still required in order to make some carts really playable. ... There are still many things to do before I can release: controller is not already implemented, source should be better organized and still some bug fix is required on the video rendering code."

Fade gets clearer

[ Tuesday, April 3 ]

LudiPocket has two new screenshots from the upcoming adventure title known as Fade. The screenshots demonstrate the quality of the graphics which certainly looks to be exceptional, and the swish-looking user interface at work. A word of warning: if you're easily offended, it don't look too closely at the second image!

One of the game's authors has also let me know that the website should be up very soon. He also went on to say that this should be the biggest game the Pocket PC has ever seen - over 200 CG (computer-generated) images will be used!

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