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Pocket PC

This list is intended as a guide to what I consider to be the best Pocket PC sites around. For a comprehensive listing of Pocket PC sites, try Craig Peacock's excellent PocketPCHelp.com or the Pocket PC webring. The links page at PocketPC.com is also a good place to start.

Device Manufacturers

Casio (Personal PC's page, Cassiopeia page)

Pocket PC's from Casio:

Compaq (Handhelds page)

Pocket PC's from Compaq:

Hewlett Packard (Jornada page)

Pocket PC's from Hewlett Packard:


Pocket PC's from Palmax:


Downloads & Software

All of the Pocket PCs Software List

A list of software that is 100% Pocket PC-compatible.


Comprehensive software listings, sorted by type, and including a brief description for each piece of software. The front page of the site lists the latest additions, which is handy. Overall, this is an excellent resource.

CNet CE Downloads

Sorted by category, allows you to see the most popular downloads. Includes brief descriptions of each software item.

Greg's iPAQ Software List

A very thorough and regularly-updated categorised listing of software available for Compaq's iPAQ.

Tucows Pocket PC Downloads

Sorted by category, with a brief description for each item along with a rating. A very comprehensive collection.

ZDNet CE Downloads

Sorted by category, includes a rating system as well as brief descriptions of the software.


News, Information & Reviews

BrightHand (Latest news, Forum)

Very definitely one of the best sites around, offering up-to-date news and a well-populated discussion forum. A must-visit!

CEWindows.NET (Forum)

An excellent resource, offering tons of useful articles and FAQ's on all versions of Windows CE hardware and software. Also home to an eBooks directory which is a comprehensive listing of texts available for the Pocket PC's Microsoft Reader.

Dale Coffing's Pocket PC Page

Regularly updated with the latest news and gossip from the Pocket PC world, along with handy tips and FAQ's. Another must-visit site.

LudiPocket (English translation)

A French site providing a stylish source of news, reviews and discussion.

Mi PC de Bolsillo

A Spanish site offering Pocket PC news, reviews and more besides.


Information on using your device with mobile phones.

Pocket PC eBooks Watch

The latest on eBooks for the Pocket PC.

Pocket PC newsgroup (can also be accessed via the web interface)

The newsgroup is the number one source for hot gossip, scandal and fierce debate. Fiery, but unmissable! Newsgroups are also available for discussion regarding the Palm-size PC and Handheld PC.

Pocket PC Thoughts

Maintained by Microsoft MVP and Pocket PC guru, Jason Dunn, Pocket PC Thoughts is a collection of "thoughts, theories, rants, raves and ponderings about the Pocket PC platform".

PDA Buzz (Forum)

A top-quality resource, offering up-to-date news from the PDA world, reviews and much more besides.

PDA Center

PDA-related headlines, reviews, download links and more.

Pocket PC Magazine

Online and print magazine for the users of Windows Powered Pocket PC, Handheld PC and Handheld PC Pro.

PocketPC.com (Forum)

Reviews, articles, links galore and plenty more to boot. This is Microsoft's official Pocket PC site.


A comprehensive listing of Pocket PC software, with the latest releases highlighted on the front page. A Czech version is also available.


Articles, downloads, reviews, how to's, and more besides.


A site intended for developers (both potential and current) of Pocket PC software.


Pocket PC news, links and information in Dutch.

The Gadgeteer

A good amount of Pocket PC-related information along with well-written impartial reviews of the latest high-tech gear, as well as news and pictures of the newest must-have gadgets.

The Pocket PC People

News, reviews, software and a good collection of links.


As its name suggests, this site offers news relating to the world of tiny technology, meaning that Pocket PC's feature prominently.


Includes Pocket PC news and articles, along with a section containing pictures of the various devices that exist.


Software developers (general)


Very nice site, very nice software.

DejaVu Software

A small but well-respected company.

Developer One

Useful software for CE devices.


Developers of Pocket Golfwits, an enhanced digital golf scorecard system for the Pocket PC. They also offer Golfwits CE, a version for palm-sized PC's.

Scott's CE Stuff (Forum)

A collection of extremely well-written and useful software.


Developers of a range of top-quality utilities for the Pocket PC and Windows CE devices.

Thumbs Up Software

Developers of the StarTap and Gigabar utilities.


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