PocketGamer.org in your Pocket!


Put PocketGamer.org in your Pocket!

It's easy to get the PocketGamer.org front page news delivered to your palmtop. The entire site is specifically designed to be viewable without problems in Pocket Internet Explorer (including the Pocket PC Games.NET games listings).

Probably the best way to get the front page news is to add it to your AvantGo channels; this way, each time you synchronise your device and your AvantGo channels are updated, you will get the latest edition. If you're not already a registered AvantGo member, you can sign up (for free) here.

Upon clicking the link above, a new window will open with the channel info already filled in. All you need do is click the "Save Channel" button.

Please note that there is no need to accept the default settings, which are designed so that only a small amount of storage space is taken up. The settings that can be altered are as follows:

Maximum Channel Size:

This is the maximum amount of storage space that the page will take up on your device, and is set by default to 50 kb. If you increase the link depth and enable the following of off-site links (see below), you should consider increasing this value.

Link Depth:

This indicates whether any links should be followed and, if so, up to what depth. By default, this is set to zero which means that if you wish to follow a link from the front page, you will need to be online.

Increasing this value will mean that any on-site links (that is to say, links to pages at the PocketGamer.org site) become available off-line. However, the trade-off if you increase the link depth is that more storage space will be needed to store the various other pages that will be collected, so you may well also need to increase the maximum channel size (see above).

Include Images:

This is set to "Yes" by default - setting it to "No" will mean that images will not be downloaded.

Follow off-site links:

Set to "No" by default, altering this setting will only have any effect if the link depth value is set to greater than zero (see above for details). Enabling the following of off-site links means that you will be able to follow the links in the news items without needing to be on-line.

The downside is that you will most likely need to increase the maximum channel size (see above) to allow enough storage space for all the extra pages that will have to be downloaded onto your device. Also, many off-site links may not display properly in Pocket Internet Explorer.


This is set by default to "Daily", every day. PocketGamer.org tends to be updated on a daily basis, with most updates occurring during late evenings or nights (GMT).


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