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Rayman to hit Pocket PC!

(Monday, February 12)

Major news from France today with the announcement that the highly-regarded platform game, Rayman is on the way to the Pocket PC! Currently under development by the Ludigames team, check out this press announcement for more screenshots and all the details.

SokoByun released, Pool game coming soon!

[ Monday, February 12 ]

As spotted at ce4you, GoDot Entertainment have released SokoByun, a variant of the puzzle game, Sokoban. The object of the game is to "push a block and match the color to remove blocks. Remove all the blocks to complete the level and go to next level. Use spring and special tiles to complete all the levels". Currently only available for the iPAQ, the game features outstanding graphics, but will be commercial software. At the time of writing, however, the Buy Now page didn't contain any pricing information.

Also from GoDot Entertainment is a pool game by the name of Pocket Hustler. Currently under development (unfortunately once again for the iPAQ only), the game will offer "Nine ball, Eight ball, Rotation ball, Bowling game, Carom game [and a] 3-Cushion game", all displayed in "fantastic 3D rendered images".

Peter's Gamebox

[ Monday, February 12 ]

Peter's Gamebox is a freeware collection of six games, namely:

  • Tetris

  • Tetris2

  • Snake

  • Same (where the object is to remove squares of the same colour)

  • Cannons (work out angle/shot power to hit your opponent)

  • Squash (Breakout clone)

Again, I noticed this one at ce4you.

Pocket PC catches Fly

[ Monday, February 12 ]

eSoft Interactive have released a tap-em-up in the form of The Fly. The idea is to catch the fly without squishing it, a task guaranteed to test your tapping skills to the limit! A four-level demo is available to download, whilst the full version costs $8 to purchase.

New PocketSNES release scheduled for Friday

[ Monday, February 12 ]

The PocketSNES site is announcing that "the next release (beta 2) will be available for download by Friday, February 16". Cassiopeia and Jornada owners will be happy to hear that this will include the release of MIPS and SH3 versions. Improvements include a landscape mode option (using the widescreen technique developed by Mark Rejhon which also features in PocketFC), "skinnable virtual keypads, customizable hardware keys" and an "improved installer". Thanks to Scott P for letting me know.

Programming article introduces free 3D engine

[ Sunday, February 11 ]

Thanks to Richard Cooper for pointing me to this article on programming for PDA's which concentrates on game development for the iPAQ. Written by Jacco Bikker, author of Lemmings for CE, one of the most interesting features is the introduction of a 3D engine for the iPAQ capable of displaying thousands of textured polygons per second at a decent frame rate - it's well worth downloading the demonstration to see the engine in action. Better yet, the source code of iPAQ3D, as the 3D engine is known, is freely available.

New PocketGB beta

[ Sunday, February 11 ]

There's another update to PocketGB, now at version 1.20, beta 3. As detailed on the News page, the main changes involve better video and audio performance.

@migo: Possible gaming problems

[ Sunday, February 11 ]

The @migo, having finally made it into the hands of "real" consumers, may not be as good for games as once hoped. In this BrightHand discussion thread discussing how well games work on the new device, Brian K and Dilatory Cheetah both report that holding down a direction on the joypad too far results in the keypress not being registered. Additionally, it would appear that the joypad cannot recognise diagonal movements. It is worth remembering, however, that it is still early to say whether these problems are for definite and affect every @migo.

NeoTiles: Full version now available

[ Saturday, February 10 ]

Stephen Heald's NeoTiles is now at version 1.0 and ready to download. The Mahjong-style game is freeware and changes made since the beta release include new time limits and more levels. Stephen also wrote to say that "The feedback I got from PocketGamer beta testers was great! I'd just like to thank everyone that contributed their time to testing the software, and even though all the requested features didn't make it into the first release I was so impressed with the ideas they will be appearing in a subsequent maintenance releases".

PDAutilities.com release Blackjack game

[ Saturday, February 10 ]

PDAutilities.com have released a version of the classic card game, Blackjack. A demo is available, and the full version will set you back $6.99.

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