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Site FAQ

Q. Can I advertise on this site?

A. Contact me for details.

Q. What on earth is this site about?

A. It's about games for Pocket PC's.

Q. Can I contribute to the site?

A. Sure! Basically, feel free to contribute in any way you please. For example, you could let me know about a game that's not listed (or if the listing is wrong), write your own review or tell me some exciting news or information. But any contribution is welcome and you're certainly not obliged to use the Contribute forms - you can always e-mail me.

Q. Are there any sites just like this one?

A. There's no other sites (that I know of!) which concentrate exclusively on Pocket PC gaming. For the moment at least, I have a monopoly and live in continual fear of the Department of Justice knocking on my door... However, there are several similar sites.

Q. Where can I tell you what I think of this site?

Right here. Whether it's good or bad, I'd really like to hear your feedback.







If you have a question which isn't covered, feel free to mail me.

For additional useful information and help, Microsoft's Pocket PC FAQ is a good place to look.

The best method to get an answer to any Windows CE related question, however, is probably through the newsgroups:

1. Pocket PC

2. Handheld PC

3. Palm-sized PC

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