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How to Play

The premise of the game is simple: Answer fifteen questions correctly to become a Pocket Millionaire!

All the questions present you with four choices from which you have to select the right answer.

To answer a question, simply tap on the answer which you judge to be the correct one. This answer will then be highlighted. To confirm your choice, you can either tap on the answer again or, if there is a time limit, simply wait for time to expire.

If you're having difficulty with a question, there are four "lifelines" available to you from the start of the game, the first three being Pick Pockets, Phone Pocket Pete and Pocket Poll. Use with caution as these lifelines can only be taken advantage of once during the course of a game!

The fourth lifeline, Pocket It!, can - and ideally should - be used twice.

If you answer a question incorrectly, then you lose all your earnings so far unless you have managed to reach one of the three amounts of money where receiving that amount is guaranteed - even if you answer incorrectly, you will still get that money. These "guaranteed" amounts are highlighted in yellow on the "Current Score" screen.

Game Options

The Options screen allows you to alter the following game settings:

Option:   Description:
Pick Pockets   Enables or disables the Pick Pockets lifeline.
Phone Pocket Pete Enables or disables the Phone Pocket Pete lifeline.
Pocket Poll   Enables or disables the Pocket Poll lifeline.
Pocket It! Enables or disables the Pocket It! lifeline.
Sound   Switches sound on or off.
Currency Allows you to specify the text used for the currency indicator.
Time Limit   Enables or disables the time limit for questions, and allows you to set the limit (in seconds).
Current questions file   Indicates the current file from which the game questions are taken. (If the folder is the same as the game location, then it is not indicated).
Set questions file Allows you to specify a different file from which the questions should be taken.
Merge questions   Allows you to merge the contents of one questions file with another.

See Also
Finding more questions
Adding questions to the game
Writing your own questions
Pick Pockets The Pick Pockets lifeline instructs the computer to pick two incorrect answers to remove at random, leaving you with one correct answer and one which is wrong.

Arguably, this is best saved for the later, more difficult questions where you have no idea and can only hazard a guess.
Phone Pocket Pete

The Phone Pocket Pete lifeline allows you to phone the ever-helpful Pocket Pete, who will tell you which answer he thinks is the correct one. It should be remembered that Pete is only human (well, virtually!) and not infallible...

Obviously, the later and more difficult questions will tend to pose more problems for Pocket Pete, who may be reduced to having a wild guess. Thus, this lifeline is probably best used relatively early on if you have a doubt as to the correct answer and would like a second opinion.

Hopefully, the second opinion should clear up any doubts...

Pocket Poll

The Pocket Poll lifeline polls the studio audience who all give their opinion as to the correct answer.

Needless to say, later questions will pose more problems for the audience whose range of knowledge is probably better suited to the earlier, more generalised questions.

Pocket It!

If you're going for a high score, then the Pocket It! lifeline is vital. If you come to a question where you have absolutely no idea at the answer, your best bet may well be to hit the Pocket It! button rather than guess at a wrong answer and risk losing a huge amount of money.

The first time you use the Pocket It! lifeline, your current winnings are saved and carried over to a further round of questions.

Effectively the game is restarted, only this time you already have a sum of money (the total you amassed in the previous game) to your credit. The three other lifelines, Pick Pockets, Phone Pocket Pete and Pocket Poll, are restored.

The next time you hit the Pocket It! button, however, it's function is different. Rather than allowing you to restart the game, it will instead allow you to retire gracefully from a sticky situation with your pride and, more importantly, your earnings intact.

Remember that if you answer a question incorrectly, your score is instantly reduced either to zero or the last "guaranteed" amount, seriously affecting your chances of making the high score table!

Finding more questions

Exhausted all the questions that the game has to offer? Take a look at the Pocket Millionaire questions page, which can be found at PocketGamer.org/PM/questions for more questions files.

Don't forget that you can submit any questions files you have created yourself by e-mailing them to:
[email protected]

See Also
Adding questions to the game
Writing your own questions
Submitting questions

Adding questions to the game

The simplest way to add more questions to the game is to find or create another questions file, which you can then either select to use as your questions file or add to an existing questions file.

Once you have created or downloaded a new questions file, the first step is to copy it to your Pocket PC and place it somewhere within the My Documents folder (e.g. \My Documents\Pocket Millionaire).

To order the game to use this new questions file instead of the current one, go to the Options screen and tap the Set questions file button. This will then bring up a file listing from which you can select your new questions file.

To import (i.e. add) the questions from the new questions file to another questions file, tap the Import questions button on the Options screen.

You will then be prompted to select the new questions file (i.e. the one in which the new questions are in) followed by the questions file to which you wish the new questions to be added.

See Also
Finding more questions
Writing your own questions
Submitting questions

Writing your own questions

Writing your own questions for Pocket Millionaire is easy. To create a questions file, simply create a plain text file (using Windows Notepad for example) with the questions in the following format:

1 Question level
Is this a level 1 question? Question
Yes Correct answer
No Wrong answer
Dunno Wrong answer
Pass Wrong answer
2 Question level
Is this a level 2 question? Question
Yes, obviously! Correct answer
Not sure Wrong answer
No idea Wrong answer
I'll pass on this one, thanks! Wrong answer

The important things to remember are:

However, the format is fairly flexible:

If you need any more help, you can always take a look at the questions file that came with the game (Questions.txt) or at the others available at the Pocket Millionaire homepage. Alternatively, you can always send an e-mail to me (Mike) at:
[email protected]

Hints & Tips:


See Also
Adding questions to the game
Finding more questions
Submitting questions

Submitting questions To submit a set of questions, simply include them in an e-mail to [email protected]. It's as easy as that!

As long as they're deemed acceptable (no rude language, please!), they'll appear on the questions page which you can find at PocketGamer.org/PM/questions.

You will of course be credited, so remember to include your name if you want it to be displayed on the site.

See Also
Adding questions to the game
Finding more questions
Writing your own questions

Removing files to save space

If you're short on storage space, you can safely delete the following files which can be found in the game directory (by default, this is \Program Files\Pocket Millionaire):

File name: Description: Approx. size:
50-50.wav Pick Pockets sound 3 Kb
audience.wav Pocket Poll music 8 Kb
final answer.wav "Is that your final answer?" 2 Kb
intro.wav Introduction music 12 Kb
millionaire.wav Winning music 45 Kb
phone friend.wav Phone Pocket Pete music 10 Kb
play.wav "Let's play..." 12 Kb
Pocket It!.wav Pocket It! music 8 Kb
question.wav Background question music 29 Kb
question intro.wav Loading question music 7 Kb
right answer.wav Sound played after a correct answer is chosen 2 Kb
suspense.wav Sound played when entering/leaving options screen 9 Kb
timeup.wav Time up buzzer 4 Kb
wrong answer.wav Sound player after a wrong answer is chosen 6 Kb

Approx. total size:

155 Kb

Please note that removing the sound files will disable all sounds within the game. You can of course replace any or all of the sound files with your own sounds, which should be in wav format.

To save an extra 24 Kb, you can delete the Pocket Millionaire help file (what you're currently reading). You can find pm-help.htm in your device's \Windows folder.

Resetting the high scores

To reset the high scores, simply delete the file Scores.dat which can be found in the game directory (by default, this is \Program Files\Pocket Millionaire).

About the game

Pocket Millionaire is released as freeware. You are free to distribute this game as long as no charge is made for it.

Author details:

Mike Wagstaff
182 Devonshire Way
(United Kingdom)

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