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To install a questions file after downloading it, copy it across to your device using the Explore option in ActiveSync. To separate questions from other files, you might want to use the \My Documents\Pocket Millionaire folder, which is created automatically on your device the first time the game is run. (This folder isn't vital, however, and can be safely deleted if you wish).

All the questions files below are in plain text format - don't forget to right-click and select "Save Target As..." option (Netscape users should hold down shift and left-click) to prevent accidental viewing of the file which could spoil your fun!

Many thanks to those who have contributed questions so far:

James Rogers, Tzvi Yosef, Lee Owens, ipaqker, Nick Schimek



IE: Right-click and select "Save Target As..." to download
Netscape: Shift-click to download
All questions 500
Contains all the questions submitted, including the themes below and any others sent in. Due to its size, this questions file may take a while for the game to load, especially on slower devices.  
DC Comics 15
By  Tzvi Yosef
Friends (based on the hit TV sitcom) 54
by Gambit  
Networking (based on the Microsoft Networking Essentials Course) 75
By Robert Keating
Harry Potter 80
By Mark Ralf  
Pocket PC (included with the game) 75
By Mike Wagstaff
Random 1 100
By Steven Ross  
Slightly Common Questions 15
By Nick Schimek
The Matrix 90
By Robert Keating (with help from Dan Kreuger)  

Please note that only submissions involving a complete "round" of questions (i.e. at least one question for each level) are made available as separate themes. All submitted questions, however, can be found in the All questions file.

Scott Luchetti has written a free Question Writer application which allows you to easily write question files for the game.

Pocket Millionaire is freeware, by Mike Wagstaff.

This program is completely free of charge. Enjoy!

If you have any questions that aren't answered in the manual, please feel free to send me a mail.

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