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Updates: April 2000

iOpener: Jimmy says Yes to iPAQ!

[ Saturday, April 29 ]

Good news for fans of Jimmy's games, famous for both their graphical and gameplay excellence. I recently mailed Jimmy asking if he was planning to support Compaq's rather tasty-looking iPAQ Pocket PC, scheduled to ship in June. The answer, happily enough, was yes!

Casio fans will doubtless already be aware that the E-115 already has two of Jimmy's games ready and waiting, in the shape of The Visiting of Turjah and FireFrontier. Both these games, along with many others, are also available for the E-100/E-105.


MAME is dead! Long live MAME!

[ Saturday, April 29 ]

Good news and bad news on the MAME (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator) front. The MAME CE project appears to have stalled, although whether this is just a temporary hitch or something more serious, nobody yet knows. However, as this CE Cities message indicates, the Jimmy team is hard at work with their own effort, along with NES, SMS (Sega Master System) and GG (Sega Game Gear) emulators as well. Does Jimmy never sleep...?

And that's not all on the MAME front. The much-vaunted but hitherto completely unknown HiveCE has finally made its debut, in the form of a Pac-Man game contained in Microsoft's Pocket PC Fun Pack. For more information on Pac-Man and the other games in the Fun Pack, click here. Also, check out this message on CE Cities by the game's author, Larry Bank.


Fun and PDA Games

[ Saturday, April 29 ]

If you can't wait for the grand (or not-so-grand as the case may be) opening of this site, give PDA Games a visit. It looks very snazzy indeed in a post-apocalyptic kind of way, but also seems to concentrate far more on the Palm range than on Pocket PC's.

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