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Updates: July 2000

iPAQ's buttons: Jimmy presses on

[ Monday, 31 July ]

Terrible puns notwithstanding, the situation regarding the problem with the iPAQ having trouble detecting multiple simultaneous button presses is still not much clearer. For the latest, check out Jimmy's viewpoint (recently updated) which clears up a few potential misunderstandings (OK, who wrote "serial"?!) and adds some more technical information.


New MOD Player; Doom for E-115

[ Monday, 31 July ]

Thanks to Adam Cheong for forwarding some interesting information he received from Jimmy Software on to me. Firstly, Jimmy is developing a new version of ModPlayCE, although unfortunately I know nothing at all about this particular piece of software and couldn't find a link. Presumably, it's a player for MOD-format music files.

Secondly, the new release of Doom4CE will also support the E-115. Not to worry - Jimmy hasn't abandoned all the other devices in favour of a certain other machine from Compaq!


Boyan's Crystal reviewed

[ Sunday, 30 July ]

No button problems here as PocketGames brings you a review of Boyan's Crystal from Jimmy Software!


Doom on iPAQ: 2 weeks!

[ Sunday, 30 July ]

Jimmy Software's Doom4CE will hopefully be released for the iPAQ in around two weeks' time, according to a post by Jimmy himself in this thread on the Jimmy Software forum.


iPAQ's button problem: Jimmy's view

[ Saturday, 29 July ]

Jimmy Software have just put up a page detailing their understanding of the problem regarding the iPAQ's problems with reading multiple simultaneous button inputs. If anyone does have an idea for a solution, they are urged to either write to Jimmy Software, or leave a message on their forum.


Go Bananas with SnoopSoft!

[ Saturday, 29 July ]

It's not got too much to do with games, but then this application is so good that it deserves a mention anyway. BananaPC from SnoopSoft is very simple - it adds three icons to your Pocket PC's title bar (or any screen position of your choosing), one to close the current application, another to "maximise" the current application and a third to mute the device or set the volume. It's simple, it's brilliant and it's yet more proof that the best things in life are free... Pocket PC's excepted, of course!


Bubble Blaster Beta!

[ Friday, 28 July ]

ZIO Interactive have recently released the beta version of the demo of their Boyan's Crystal rival, Bubble Blaster. Downloads for both palm-sized PC's and the Pocket PC are available, so what are you waiting for?


New 64MB iPAQ?

[ Friday, 28 July ]

There's an interesting post on PDA Buzz by PocketPCAndy quoting a Compaq rep stating that Compaq are planning on introducing two new iPAQ models. One is a monochrome unit with 16MB of RAM whilst, more interestingly, a 64MB unit is apparently on the way.


BoyanCE reviewed

[ Thursday, 27 July ]

Replacing the preview of the beta version, there's now a full review of BoyanCE up. As always, more reviews are on the way!

Also, don't forget that there is already a user review of JimmyARK2 (expected to be released for the iPAQ this coming Monday), comparing it with CEBall from PDA21 Interactive, as well as a user review of Rally CE, which was released for the iPAQ today.


Boyan's Crystal, RallyCE for iPAQ!

[ Thursday, 27 July ]

Jimmy Software have released iPAQ-compatible versions of their burst-the-bubbles game, Boyan's Crystal, and their arcade rally game, RallyCE.


iPAQ: Pressing button problem!

[ Thursday, 27 July ]

Jimmy Software have unveiled a concerning problem regarding the iPAQ's handling of button presses. Apparently, the iPAQ uses a serial interface for the buttons meaning that simultaneous presses cannot be detected.

This has potentially serious implications with regards to the iPAQ's capabilities as a serious gaming PDA - simultaneous button presses play a major in most action games (e.g. shooting and moving at the same time). Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a fix in sight at the present moment, although Jimmy Software are working on it.


Jimmy Software: Release dates

[ Thursday, 27 July ]

So iPAQ owners can now enjoy BoyanCE, but there's plenty more to come! Here's the estimated release dates for other Jimmy Software titles:

Reviews to follow shortly, so stay tuned!


Boyan for iPAQ!

[ Thursday, 27 July ]

Jimmy Software have released BoyanCE for the iPAQ! A review will come ASAP (if you can wait!), but in the meantime you can check out the preview whilst downloading the demo version.


Intelligolf for Pocket PC

[ Tuesday, 25 July ]

As reported on CEWire, Karrier Communications have released a new Pocket PC version of their golf scorecard software, Intelligolf.


Jimmy Software: Major new releases!

[ Tuesday, 25 July ]

Just when I thought things were quietening down, I get a mail from Jimmy of Jimmy Software. Anything interesting? Funny you should ask... Here are the games that Jimmy plans to release over the next two weeks:

In a word... Wow!


Pop a new skin on!

[ Sunday, 23 July ]

You can now download the first user-submitted skins for PocketPop, the popular free strategy game from PocketFun.co.uk. If you would like to submit your own skins, send them in to [email protected].


Got a Pocket PC? Want Software?

[ Saturday, 22 July ]

Having a new Pocket PC is all very well, but it's another job altogether knowing where to find software that will actually run on your device. Happily, help is at hand in the form of Zippy's All of the Pocket PCs Software List, a listing of software that is 100% Pocket PC-compatible.


Brucus 2: E-115 key support

[ Saturday, 22 July ]

Concept Sugar have a new version of Brucus 2 with support for the hardware buttons on the Casio E-115. It's an untested version, so please let them know whether it works or not!


ZIO release Bubble Blaster

[ Saturday, 22 July ]

ZIO Interactive have released another new game for the Pocket PC and palm-sized PC's. This time, it's Bubble Blaster, a game that looks to be in direct competition with Boyan's Crystal by Jimmy Software. Should I get the opportunity, I will of course review both games to give you an indication of which is better! At the time of writing, the Bubble Blaster demo wasn't yet available to download, so in the meantime content yourself with the Preview page giving a taste of what's on offer.


Speak to me!

[ Thursday, 20 July ]

Text-to-speech on your Pocket PC or CE device isn't just something for the future; it's here already! In this thread at Brighthand, NewtonDKC points out this DECtalk demos page where you can download a text-to-speech demo application for virtually any CE device (iPAQ users should do the normal trick of downloading the StrongARM version). And there's more to come, apparently, if you take a look at this thread at PDA Buzz.


Doom for iPAQ - coming soon!

[ Thursday, 20 July ]

Check out this post at PDA Buzz by Signa, in which the legendary Jimmy of Jimmy Software is quoted as saying that a version of his Doom port, Doom4CE, will be arriving soon for the iPAQ. In the meantime, iPAQ owners can content themselves with an iPAQ-compatible version of Doom (put together by Peter Sills and hosted by Frogster) which does suffer from severe limitations (all you can do is move around the start of the first level) but gives a good indication of what sort of performance to expect.


PocketPop 1.2

[ Thursday, 20 July ]

PocketFun.co.uk have released a new version of their popular free bust-the-bubbles game, PocketPop. Version 1.2 includes "a number of [new] bubble sets including one for Aero 1550 owners" as well as "the ability to add your own bubble skins to the game".


Shadowgate Classic reviewed

[ Thursday, 20 July ]

If you're after a role-playing game for your Pocket PC or CE device, you won't find too much choice. In fact, about the only game you can choose is Shadowgate Classic, by Infinite Ventures. But is it any good? PocketGames brings you the review!


Tee time!

[ Wednesday, 19 July ]

With the imminent tee-off of the Open in the spiritual home of golf, St. Andrews, what better time to head for your local course? Now, however, with your Pocket or palm-sized PC, you can take along a detailed map of the course as well as an enhanced digital scorecard system, thanks to the impressive-looking Golfwits software which seems to do everything but hit the ball for you!


Infocom on your iPAQ

[ Wednesday, 19 July ]

Fans of the classic Infocom text adventures (which included the legendary Zork series) can now play these on their iPAQ, thanks to Radnor who explains all in this thread at Brighthand.


It's Fun2Link say ZIO!

[ Tuesday, 18 July ]

ZIO Interactive have just released their latest game for palm-sized and Pocket PC's, Fun2Link, which is in their words "the most addictive plumbing game ever!". But don't just take their word for it - try out the demo today and see for yourself whether the creators of the highly-renowned ZIOGolf have come up with another classic!

Also, in case you weren't aware, the latest version of ZIOGolf now supports the iPAQ. All in all, ZIO Interactive are doing well!


Brucus 2: and now it's beta 2

[ Tuesday, 18 July ]

Pocket PC owners should burrow over to the Concept Sugar site, where a new beta 2 version of Brucus 2, the worms-on-steroids game, is available to try out. I can report that this version, unlike the previous one, worked successfully on my iPAQ!


Oh no... Here we go again!

[ Tuesday, 18 July ]

After the iPAQ availability saga (still dragging on for many), certain outlets are now apparently accepting pre-orders for Casio's new EM500, according to posters in this thread at Brighthand. Anyone else getting a funny feeling of déjà-vu here...?


Free missiles (again)!

[ Tuesday, 18 July ]

Apparently, all was not well with the Missile Command clone, ICBM, over the past few days, with the site refusing to work. Unfortunately, the site is being hosted with an ISP, RedHotAnt, renowned for its unreliability. However, having just tried it now (around 13:30 GMT Tuesday), it seems to be working, so if you couldn't get hold of the game first time, keep on trying! It's worth the wait, because it is an excellent game.

To repeat, ICBM should work on just about any Windows CE or Pocket PC device. Although no Pocket PC versions are listed, the MIPS and SH3 palm-sized PC versions should work fine in emulation mode for Casio and HP users. iPAQ users should download the HPC Pro StrongARM version, which worked fine on my machine. There is no automatic installation procedure, so you will need to manually copy the program (after unzipping it on your desktop) over to your device.


Free space strategy game!

[ Tuesday, 18 July ]

From the creator of the legendary Kyle's Quest (a.k.a. Quest CE) comes an opportunity for Pocket PC/Windows CE users to try out a fully-functional version of his latest game, a real-time space strategy offering by the name of Galactic Realms. This game is still a work-in-progress project - which explains why it is currently free of charge - and the author requests that you let him know about any problems you might encounter, although be sure to mention your particular device.


Word Search previewed

[ Monday, 17 July ]

For those of you interested in word games and puzzles, check out PocketGames' preview of Word Search by Puzzle Express.


Free Yahtzee game under development

[ Monday, 17 July ]

Arn Cota wrote in to tell me about a free version of the dice game, Yahtzee, that he is developing. It is still "very much a work in progress", but you can get a feel for it by downloading an early version (1.6 MB -- the full install, includes the VB runtime and ActiveX controls). Feedback would be appreciated!


Flux: Music, Bowling and You!

[ Sunday, 16 July ]

There's another entrant to the PDA game development scene, in the form of Korean company, Flux. At present, they offer two games for palm-sized PC's in the form of Palm Music Box and a tenpin bowling affair, Power Grip. What's more, Flux is currently recruiting, so if you like the idea of writing games for PDA's, see their recruitment page for more details.


Pocketnow.com reviews Pocket Marbles

[ Sunday, 16 July ]

Pocketnow.com have recently added a (positively glowing!) review of Pocket Marbles. Pocket Marbles, by well-respected developers Developer One, is a puzzle game not short of rivals - alternatives include Bubblets and PocketPop.


Blox, Hammurabi, Logic reviewed

[ Sunday, 16 July ]

As promised, the reviews are on their way! First up are reviews of Blox, Hammurabi and Logic. There will, of course, be more to follow shortly, so stay tuned... Needless to say, if you would like to submit a review, you would be most welcome - either see the Contribute a Review page, or simply mail me.


Free Missiles!

[ Sunday, 16 July ]

How does a free game of the all-time classic Missile Command sound? Pretty good in my books. Best of all, ICBM should work on just about any Windows CE or Pocket PC device. Although no Pocket PC versions are listed, the MIPS and SH3 palm-sized PC versions should work fine in emulation mode for Casio and HP users. iPAQ users should download the HPC Pro StrongARM version, which worked fine on my machine.

MAME on the iPAQ - coming soon!

[ Saturday, 15 July ]

Things just look better and better for the iPAQ. Not only is Jimmy Software's BoyanCE about to appear for the current PDA of the moment (see the PocketGames preview), but now Ben Cooley, the author of MAMECE, has stated in this post on the MAMECE discussion board his intention to offer an iPAQ-compatible version of MAMECE.


Free Blackjack & Minesweeper

[ Saturday, 15 July ]

This has been mentioned before, but one more time won't hurt considering the number of new iPAQ owners looking for some proper software (i.e. games!). Blackjack and Minesweeper are both free downloads, although it is quite a drawn-out process. Thanks to Mark Rejhon for reminding me of these games in this thread at Brighthand.


Free Rubik's Cube game for Pocket PC!

[ Saturday, 15 July ]

Thanks to Chris Pelley for letting me about a Rubik's Cube game, PocketRubik (download link only - no homepage available), that he has ported from Karl Hornell's Rubik Unbound. PocketRubik will work on all Pocket PC's and is freeware. Thanks too to Heyo for letting me know about this one!


Boyan for iPAQ - PocketGames has the preview!

[ Saturday, 15 July ]

Big news for iPAQ users today with the beta release of an iPAQ-compatible version of Jimmy Software's BoyanCE. Don't miss out on the PocketGames preview!


Brucus 2 gets worm welcome

[ Saturday, 15 July ]

Concept Sugar have released Brucus 2, a game which sees you controlling a worm eating fruit, avoiding your own tail, killing nasties and generally trying to stay alive for as long as possible. The game, available for just about every platform there is (although the Pocket PC versions are only in beta, and I couldn't get the StrongARM version to work on my iPAQ), is shareware.


Doom on iPAQ: It works, but...

[ Friday, 14 July ]

As an update to the iPAQ-compatible Doom mentioned previously, here's the latest. The good news it that the game definitely runs - if you have any problems getting it to start, make sure that you have at least 10 MB or so allocated to program memory (thanks to Zippy for pointing that out). Don't worry about the error message concerning the JimmyDSA VRAM test; this doesn't stop the game loading.

The game certainly looks good - it seems to run very smoothly, even in the highest possible screen size. The bad news, however, is that none of the key mappings seem to work apart from the joypad so, apart from moving around, you can't do anything else.


New Unofficial MAMECE

[ Friday, 14 July ]

Darren Finck is offering an alternative, unofficial version of MAMECE, a MAME emulator for Casio E-10x devices. This post on the MAMECE message board sums up nicely the differences between his and the official version.


iPAQ Doomed!

[ Thursday, 13 July ]

Peter Sills has managed to put together a version of Doom which works on the iPAQ, albeit far from perfectly. You can find the download hosted at this site by Frogster, and can discuss it on this thread at Brighthand.

However, having tried to run it myself on my iPAQ, I have to report a complete lack of success. First, the game fails a JimmyDSA "VRAM test", and then quits with a "Fatal Application Error". Maybe others will have better luck...


New PalmGB this month?

[ Thursday, 13 July ]

According to a post by Peter S in this thread at Brighthand, a new version of the GameBoy emulator, PalmGB, will be released later this month - and, yes, it will be iPAQ-compatible!


New Pocket PC Puzzlers a-Plenty!

[ Thursday, 13 July ]

More good news for puzzle fans with the release of Pocket PC versions of two games from the Puzzle Express stable. The first is Word Search, where you have to find the words hidden within a grid of letters, and the second is Logic Pack, containing Battleship Solitaire ("a cross between Battleship and Picture Logic"), Codebreaker ("a version of Mastermind"), Flip ("similar to the game AllLights or Lights Off) and Sweep ("a version of Minesweeper"). Both game packages are commercial software ($15) and offer downloadable trial versions.


Free Pocket PC puzzler pops up!

[ Thursday, 13 July ]

PocketFun.co.uk, a newly-established company dedicated to writing entertainment software for mobile devices, have released a freely downloadable puzzle game, PocketPop, for the Pocket PC.


Boyan's Crystal now available for Jornada!

[ Thursday, 13 July ]

Jimmy Software's action-packed Puzzle Bobble clone, Boyan's Crystal, is now available for the HP Jornada 540 series.

Incidentally, Jimmy Software are currently looking for Japanese partners to help provide localised Japanese versions of their games - if anyone thinks they might be able to help, please send Jimmy a mail!


PocketGames is back!

[ Thursday, 13 July ]

Please excuse the lack of updates while I've been away. This, however, will be more than made up for! In the near future, you can look forward to reading reviews of Blox, Logic, Hammurabi and Shadowgate, along with various previews of other games.


iPAQ in, Reviews to follow!

[ Monday, 3 July ]

I've finally managed to get my hands on an iPAQ, so expect some more reviews to appear in the near future. Just to be different, I won't write a review or set up a "First impressions" page (i.e. there are quite enough of those already!). Instead, all I'll say is: Wow! :-)


Planet of the PDA's

[ Sunday, 2 July ]

Still waiting for your iPAQ? Pass the time by having a laugh at this thread at PDA Buzz which tells an alternative history of the Pocket PC.


EG-800: Pocket Power!

[ Sunday, 2 July ]

Although Casio's "industrial" Pocket PC, the EG-800, is relatively old news, its details have now (re)appeared on the official Casio site. While it may not be as sleek as the other manufacturers' offerings, it will certainly appeal to power users - the device can accept three different battery sizes, the largest lasting up to 76 hours!

Games players will be happy to note that the machine offers a 65k colour screen, a built-in CF (type II) slot, and of course retains the same joypad which featured in the E-10x series. Casio's "tentative" release date for the EG-800 is July.


Jimmy gets iPAQ's!

[ Sunday, 2 July ]

If you've visited just about any iPAQ discussion forum recently, you can't have failed to notice the postings of an extremely dedicated Jimmy Software fan, Mark Rejhon, highlighting the fact that Jimmy still wasn't in possession of an iPAQ. The good news, as mentioned in this thread at PDA Buzz, is that at least one iPAQ is winging its way to Thailand which means that iPAQ ports of Jimmy's games may be just a few weeks away...


Anime Today!

[ Saturday, 1 July ]

If you have a Pocket PC and like anime, don't miss Clarence Chau's Pocket PC page which offers a huge selection of Today screen graphics based on an anime theme.


Golfwits enters the Pocket PC clubhouse!

[ Saturday, 1 July ]

Ever-alert CEWire reports that Golfwits have released a Pocket PC version of their software for golfers. Now you can keep score, plan shots, review your round and more, all without needing a pencil! A thunderstorm prevention add-in is said to be in the works...

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