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Updates: May 2000

Free Draw Poker game

[ Wednesday, May 31 ]

A free Draw Poker game for the Pocket PC has been released; the game's source code (written using eMbedded Visual Basic) is also freely available.


Another unofficial MAME release!

[ Wednesday, May 31 ]

Techmaster has released another unofficial MAME CE update, details of which can be found in this message on the MAME CE discussion board.


PDA's future is Doomed!

[ Tuesday, May 30 ]

The ever-excellent PDA Buzz recently posted an interesting link to the Itsy research project at Compaq. Itsy is a prototype credit-card sized device offering "considerably more computing power and memory than other PDA's". So, what's the first thing they demonstrate? Doom, of course!


Bubblets review, iPAQ shipping soon!

[ Saturday, May 27 ]

There's a review of Bubblets up at PocketPC.com by Jason Dunn. Also up is an interesting interview with the Compaq VP which mentions that the iPAQ should start shipping at the end of this month.


Boyan update for Jornada

[ Friday, May 26 ]

Boyan CE, by Jimmy Software, has been updated for the Jornada 54x series. Compatibility problems have now been fixed, and additionally the game pad features are now automatically activated.


New unofficial MAME release!

[ Friday, May 26 ]

This thread on the MAME CE discussion board announces the release of an unofficial new version of MAME CE by Techmaster.


New Feature: Emulation

[ Friday, May 26 ]

Why bother looking for new games when there's literally thousands out there that you can play already? Read the Emulation feature article to find out what consoles (and various other machines) you can turn your CE device into.


MAME lives!

[ Friday, May 26 ]

The MAME emulator for the E-100/E-105, MAME CE, was updated on the 15th of this month, allaying fears that the project had been abandoned.


PocketGames is now officially open!

[ Wednesday, May 24 ]

Welcome to PocketGames, a site dedicated to an aspect of Pocket PC's that really matters - games! After all, a palmtop that's no fun is a palmtop that's no good to anyone!

Like all good sites, this one is far from finished. In fact, to be honest with you, it's barely begun - there's relatively little here at the moment, but rest assured that all that will change over the coming months. For the moment, feel free to explore the site as it currently stands. You might want to take a look at the Games Index, where you'll find a game to suit everybody and every device. Alternatively, why not head over to the forum at CE Cities and take part in the discussion there?

As for future developments and improvements, they will be coming thick and fast. If you're interested, you can read more details about what's planned for the site (link no longer available). Should you have any questions or comments about those plans, or anything at all to with the site, don't hesitate to send me a mail or leave a note in the forum.

I hope you enjoy the site!

 -Mike [http://www.pocketgames.co.uk]


GAPI = Faster Games!

[ Wednesday, May 24 ]

A new column at Microsoft's PocketPC.com site reveals details on a new set of programming technologies collectively known as GAPI (Game API), the Pocket PC's equivalent to DirectX.


Boyan CE available for Jornada (again!)

[ Monday, May 22 ]

After a turbulent few days, Jornada 54x users can find some solace in the fact that Jimmy Software's Boyan CE is now (once again) available for them to download.

Rumours of possible HP rebates include the choice of $50 credit or an AC or DC adaptor, as mentioned in this PDA Buzz discussion thread, whilst this (long) thread at Brighthand includes a quote from an HP high-up stating amongst other things that the company were going to extend their $100 rebate offer to 420 users.


Rally CE available for E-115

[ Sunday, May 21 ]

Jimmy Software's Rally CE is now available for the Casio E-115.


Jornada loses Jimmy, colours!

[ Friday, May 19 ]

Unfortunately, Boyan CE for HP's Jornada 540 series has been temporarily made unavailable. That's the bad news. The good news is that you can e-mail Jimmy requesting to sign up as a beta tester.

In fact, it's been a bad day all round for Jornada users. A report on Brighthand indicates that HP have recently issued a retraction to their claim that the devices are capable of displaying 16-bit colour. In fact, they can only manage 12-bit, which may well explain why Boyan CE has been withdrawn.


Jimmy's on Jornada!

[ Thursday, May 18 ]

Jimmy Software have released their first game for the HP's Jornada 540 series after a short delay. Boyan CE is now available, and it is expected that JimmyARK and The Visiting of Turjah will follow shortly (maybe even by tomorrow!).


JimmyARK now on Pocket PC, HP gets games!

[ Tuesday, May 9 ]

Jimmy Software's breakout-style game, JimmyARK, is now up to version 2.1, and is now also available for the Casio E-115 Pocket PC. Screenshots, as well as a trial version to download, are available at the JimmyARK page.

See this post at CE Cities for great news for owners of HP's Jornada 540 series Pocket PC's - JimmyARK, Boyan and The Visiting of Turjah will all be released for the 545 (although the games will presumably also work on the 548) this coming Monday (May 15).


Has Bubblets lost its Marbles?

[ Saturday, May 6 ]

"It's just like Bubblets!" is the phrase that springs readily to mind when looking at the screenshots of Developer One's clear-'em-up, Pocket Marbles. To see what it actually plays like, you can grab the trial version from their downloads page.


Follow this!

[ Saturday, May 6 ]

Be sure to check out Craig Peacock's excellent PocketPCHelp.com site, where there is none other than a section of links for you to follow dedicated entirely to games!


Free game? Bingo!

[ Tuesday, May 2 ]

Unwired Solutions have a free game available to download for the Pocket PC called Buzzword Bingo. The aim of the game (perhaps diversionary software would be a more appropriate title) is to liven up boring board meetings, and is based on a variant of bingo where the first player to hear various phrases wins. Interesting...

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