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Updates: December 2000

New Troubleshooting FAQ 

[ Sunday, December 31 ]

I've put up a new Troubleshooting FAQ which attempts to deal with the most common reasons why games won't work. If you have any comments or suggestions for additions, please don't hesitate to let me know.


NeogeoPocott MIPS release 

[ Sunday, December 31 ]

NeogeoPocott is now available for MIPS devices in addition to the iPAQ. Thanks to Chris Stelter for pointing this out.


Logic squared 

[ Sunday, December 31 ]

As spotted on ce4you, Puzzle Express have released a new game in the shape of Logic Squares. The object of the game "is to determine the location of 9 colors in a 3 x 3 grid by reading and then interpreting the clues". The game offers a 15-day evaluation period; the full version will set you back $15. 


Future talk 

[ Saturday, December 30 ]

PocketMatrix.com have an interesting article on the future of Pocket PC gaming, discussing emulators, 3D titles, multiplayer and more. Thanks to the author, Darren Kitchen, for letting me know about this.


Pocketnow.com reviews Power Grip 

[ Saturday, December 30 ]

There's a review of Power Grip, the bowling game from Flux, at Pocketnow.com. While the review is not overly detailed, there are quite a few screenshots to give you a better idea of what the game is like. 


Eye Candy! 

[ Saturday, December 30 ]

Not strictly game-related, but fun nonetheless! PocketCandy is a newly-released screensaver package for Pocket PC's, which comes complete with 18 screensavers ready to try out. This information comes courtesy of stylish French site, iPAQ Paradise.


Get in line! 

[ Saturday, December 30 ]

The Alhademic Group have released a Pocket PC game by the name of Alhademic Pocket Lines. According to the description, the object of the game is to "arrange colored balls on a board to form lines of balls having identical colors. Lines of five or more balls vanish from the board, increasing your score. In addition, instead of lines, you may assemble blocks, or rectangle shapes. The game ends when the board is filled with balls and no qualifying line (or pattern) exists."


SNES emulator update 

[ Friday, December 29 ]

The upcoming SNES emulator for the iPAQ, PocketSNES9X, has had a progress update. The emulator is now able to load roms, and work has now started on implementing the screen display functions. Screen shots should be up in "a few days". Thanks to Mark Jackson and Josh Kendrick for pointing this out.


PocketGB: Price down, play time up! 

[ Friday, December 29 ]

PocketGB's price has been reduced from $30 to $19.95 and the demo play time has been increased to two minutes rather than the original one. Thanks to JCake and Aaron Oneal (the emulator's author) for letting me know.


And here's another Game Boy emulator!

[ Friday, December 29 ]

Typical. You wait ages for a Game Boy emulator to be written for the Pocket PC, and then two come along at once! Not only is a freeware emulator for the iPAQ coming out soon (see the news item from the 27th below), but there is an apparently fully-working emulator available right now!

PocketGB (main homepage) offers support for ARM, MIPS and SH3 processors and, to quote from the FAQ, "features include full color support for color games, screen scaling, GameAPI acceleration, input mapping, and other nifty configuration options". However, there are a couple of downsides. The first is the price - the cost is currently $30 - and the second is the fact that there is no virtual on-screen controller meaning that most games will be unplayable on the iPAQ. A demo is available from the downloads page, offering one minute of play.


NeogeoPocott to be released for other Pocket PC's

[ Friday, December 29 ]

NeogeoPocott, the Neo Geo Pocket emulator currently only available for the iPAQ, is to be released for other Pocket PC's as well, according to the NeoPocott site and NeogeoPocott To Do list.


Go goes SH3!

[ Friday, December 29 ]

GNU Go for the Pocket PC is now available for SH3 devices, meaning that Jornada users can now play the game!


NeogeoPocott updated

[ Thursday, December 28 ]

There's a new release of NeogeoPocott, the Neo Geo Pocket emulator for the iPAQ. Not only is it faster, but the virtual on-screen controller now works!


Go goes Pocket PC!

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

The ancient, and much requested, Chinese game of Go (wei-qi) has finally made it over to the Pocket PC, courtesy of Ivan Davtchev. His GNU Go for the Pocket PC is freeware and open source, released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2. Versions are available for ARM and MIPS devices.


BrightHand reviews PocketNES

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

BrightHand has a review of PocketNES, in which there is instructions detailing how to get it working, and discussion of future enhancements.


5lines updated

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

The puzzle game from PocketPC.cz, 5lines, has been updated to version 1.2. Improvements include the addition of game statistics, along with various fixes.


Game Boy emulator for iPAQ soon!

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

A new Game Boy emulator, PocketXGB (based as it is on the XGB emulator), is set to be released as freeware for the iPAQ only. It will offer a virtual on-screen controller to get around the multiple button-press issue, approximately 30 frames per second performance for original titles with slightly less for colour ones, a "fullscreen mode"("in which the Gameboy screen is enlarged exactly 50% to match the width of the Pocket PC screen (160x144 -> 240x216)"; emulation performance suffers "noticeably", however), but no sound support as yet. The author, Dan, expects to have a release "ready in the next couple of days".


Adventure Game System in the works 

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

An adventure game system allowing the creation of adventure games for the Pocket PC is being worked on by MK-IT Solutions.nl (I couldn't find a website). Take a look at this BrightHand post for all the details.


Best game of 2000? You decide! 

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

The final poll of 2000 is now up, and it's a cracker! There's no doubting that 2000 has been a fantastic year in Pocket PC entertainment, with a huge number of top-quality gaming titles. However, the time has come to find out which game sits proudly on top of the pile as the best-loved title of 2000... Cast your vote now on which game is your favourite!

Please note that the list is entirely subjective, consisting as it does of the releases which I considered to be among the most popular and best-selling this year. If I could have, I would have included every single game that exists for the Pocket PC. No doubt there will be a substantial number of developers and fans of games not listed who I will have deeply offended - I offer my most humble apologies to you all! Please bear in mind that this vote is nothing more than a bit of fun! :-)


Cheating in the Cubicle!

[ Wednesday, December 27 ]

Those of you with any morals should look away now. Alternatively, if you have a copy of Cubicle Chaos and would like a helping hand, check out this BrightHand post from RyanTX listing the first twenty level codes for the game.


PocketWings: Troubleshooting, development news

[ Tuesday, December 26 ]

The PocketWings site has an update mentioning a few things to check if you're having trouble running the game:

  • Make sure that you have downloaded and installed GAPI 1.2

  • Ensure that the file "height" is in your device's root directory

  • You should have in the region of at least 2 MB free program memory

Currently, the "options screen and a nice plane" are being worked on. Once complete, a new version will be released with - hopefully! - accompanying ARM and SH3 versions.


Pocketnow.com reviews Ball's Clues and Balls 'R' Us

[ Tuesday, December 26 ]

Pocketnow.com has a review of Ball's Clues and Balls 'R' Us, the two puzzle games from PDAutilities.com.


MAMECE3 updated

[ Tuesday, December 26 ]

MAMECE3 has been updated to version 8.1. There's now an "Extra Large" build for all three different processor types in addition to the emulator now supporting roms on a storage card.


Pinball game seeks partner!

[ Monday, December 25 ]

If you're interested in helping to write and sell a pinball game for the Pocket PC, take a look at this message on the CEcity games board. James Widmark, a "games designer and graphic artist", is seeking a programming partner to make a multi-table pinball game for both (colour) Palm OS and Pocket PC devices.


Doom4CE: If you're having problems...

[ Sunday, December 24 ]

If you've downloaded Doom4CE from Jimmy Software but aren't having any luck getting it working, check the following:

  • Make sure that you have copied Doom4CE.wad (337 KB download) to the same folder where you put the game executable (Doom.exe).

  • In addition, you should have copied the wad file(s) that you intend to use with the game into that same folder. If you don't have any wad files, you should download the original shareware version from Jimmy Software (1.7 MB download) and copy it across.

  • Finally, you should download GAPI 1.2 and copy the gx.dll and gx.lib files across to your device's \Windows folder. If asked whether to overwrite the existing files, answer yes.

  • Before running the game, ensure that you have at least 8 MB free program memory.

For discussion of the game, check out this BrightHand thread.


Christmas gifts from Jimmy!

[ Sunday, December 24 ]

Jimmy Software are definitely in the festive mood, with three fantastic presents for Pocket PC owners. First up is the release of J-Five as mentioned in the news item below. Next up is the news that their landscape mode software is now compatible with the iPAQ and, last but by no means last, is a new, updated freeware Doom4CE (thanks to John McEwen for pointing this out) with Pocket PC support!


J-Five is out!

[ Sunday, December 24 ]

Jimmy Software's latest and greatest, J-Five (at the time of writing, no game homepage was available), is now available to buy from PocketGear, along with a demo ready and waiting to be downloaded! The game, described as a "new milestone for the Pocket PC game industry" is a space shoot-em-up which, coupled with a special pair of glasses, offers a true 3D environment.

The PocketGear product information page states that the $34.99 cost of the game includes a pair of 3D glasses which will be shipped within 24 hours of purchasing the game. Unfortunately, this offer is only valid for US residents right now.


PocketWings: New name, new site!

[ Saturday, December 23 ]

The voxel-based flight simulator by rom net now has a new site courtesy of design guru 999 (a.k.a. Frank), and will now be known as PocketWings. Check out the information page for the idea behind the main themes of the game, which will incorporate a Pilotwings-style mode (for those that don't know, Pilotwings was a fantastic Nintendo title which debuted on the SNES and involved various tests of your flying ability) as well as a free-flight mode.

In addition, the game is being designed to be fully customisable so that players can create new planes and maps. And, before non-Casio owners start to worry too much, there will eventually be releases for SH3 (Jornada) and ARM (iPAQ) devices.


New version of Leo's Flight Sim!

[ Friday, December 22 ]

Leo's Flight Simulator has been updated to beta 4. Improvements include dynamic scenery, air traffic control, more detailed airports, and the chance to fly a helicopter. You don't get much better than this! Thanks to Darren Behan for alerting me to this.


Sega to make Pocket PC games?

[ Friday, December 22 ]

Thanks to Perry Longinotti for pointing out an interesting Daily Radar news article, in which it is stated that Sega are to enter the PDA gaming scene. Hopefully, this will include Pocket PC's, which would seem to be the ideal platform for the multiplayer Internet games which Sega's new venture seems to be concentrating on. It's also worth bearing in mind that Sega's current console of the moment, the Dreamcast, is based on Windows CE.


PocketPop, PocketSwap to bring high scores to the Net

[ Friday, December 22 ]

Neil Balharrie of PocketFun.co.uk wrote to me with the following information on the upcoming new versions of PocketPop and PocketSwap:

"We are gearing up to releasing 1.4 of PocketPop and 1.1 of PocketSwap within the next week. Both will support hi-score codes so that we can run an internet hi-score table system for registered users. PocketSwap has also had a new menu system and hi-score table implemented."


Voxel flight sim MIPS binary!

[ Thursday, December 21 ]

Owners of MIPS (i.e. Casio) devices are in luck as rom net has released a MIPS binary of his work-in-progress voxel-based flight simulator.


Pocketech shakeup!

[ Thursday, December 21 ]

Pocketech have announced the cancellation of their current projects (Memory Game and Rocky Fighter) and have hired new programmers to assist with their new line-up, which consists of Pocket Bomberman, a Doom clone, Wolfenstein 3D and a Gameboy emulator.


Pow Wow, MilleCE reviewed

[ Wednesday, December 20 ]

The PocketPC.com site has a couple of new game reviews up, the first being a look at MilleCE, and the second a review of ZIO Interactive's shooter, Pow Wow.


NeogeoPocott to hit full speed!

[ Wednesday, December 20 ]

Check out the latest NeoPocott news (12/20/00) in which it states that the NeogeoPocott author, Mic, has come up with a new graphics engine capable of running games at full speed on the Pocket PC!


Pocketnow.com reviews PalmChess

[ Wednesday, December 20 ]

Pocketnow.com have a review of PalmChess from Synctel Software (product homepage). As spotted on LudiPocket.


New MAMEBoy!

[ Wednesday, December 20 ]

Marconelly has let me know that MAMEBoy 1.2 is now available on a new "much friendlier web space" and, in his own words, here's what's new:

Ghost 'n Goblins and Green Beret are clocked to slightly higher value so they don't freeze occasionally. Before, Green Beret would always freeze after the level 1, and GnG would freeze on level 2 when last life is lost. Hyper Sports and Mr Do! are now added and Mario is removed because of the weird slowdown issue that occurs when certain games are enabled together with some other games. Hyper Sports have 90 degree rotated screen, just like Track and Field (Thanks for the tip Darren :-)


Take off for another flight sim!

[ Wednesday, December 20 ]

Rom net mailed me to let me know that he's working on a voxel based flight simulator. Judging from the one screenshot that was up at the time of writing, it's going to be a veritable work of art!


iPAQ issues addressed by Compaq

[ Tuesday, December 19 ]

BrightHand has an exclusive letter from Compaq in which the various issues associated with the ultra-popular device are addressed. Sadly, but hardly unexpectedly, there is no mention of the multiple button presses problem, so it would now seem that there is no hope of that particular issue being addressed. However, the letter does mention that a Flash ROM upgrade will be made available in January.


Henry reviews!

[ Monday, December 18 ]

Check out Henry's Homepage for some interesting articles for the discerning Pocket PC games fan. The site includes quite a few reviews - with the all important screenshots - of some well, and not-so-well, known commercial titles.


Pocketnow.com opens ZIO forum

[ Monday, December 18 ]

As announced on the Pocket PC newsgroup, Pocketnow.com have opened an officially authorised ZIO Interactive forum where "you'll not only be able to get technical support, but also hear about upcoming


PocketMatrix.com opens, offers games download links

[ Monday, December 18 ]

There's a new Pocket PC portal in town with the opening of PocketMatrix.com. The site includes download links for games ( la Pocket PC Games.NET), sorted in alphabetical order and categorised into All, Freeware and Shareware/Demo.


iGolf available to buy

[ Sunday, December 17 ]

CECraft have informed me that iGolf is now available to buy from Handango. The game costs $16.95, and you can find the PocketGamer.org review here.


aEmu source code available

[ Sunday, December 17 ]

Boris has made the source code of aEmu available to download from his site, so any Aero-owning programmers (or even non-programmers) might want to take a look. In the meantime, he has started work on porting it to the EM-500, and a release is on the way.


Pocketnow.com previews J-Five!

[ Sunday, December 17 ]

Pocketnow.com has an "exclusive sneak peek" of J-Five, Jimmy Software's upcoming space shooter. Despite only being a preview of a beta version of the game, the article is fairly detailed and includes plenty of screenshots to whet your appetite...


Come Back 64 updated

[ Sunday, December 17 ]

There's a new version of Come Back 64 available (only for the iPAQ at the time of writing), with the major addition being sound support. For more details, take a look at the documentation.


Karting, platforming and squirming...

[ Sunday, December 17 ]

Don't miss the newly-revamped Daniel Jackson's Pocket PC Games page to see details on two exciting new games in development. Horace in Hogland will be the first ever platform game developed for the Pocket PC, along with Krazy Karts, a nifty-looking 3D Mario Kart-style offering. Both are set to be released early 2001.

That's not all, however. In addition, the full version of Squirmy, a Snake/Worms-style game is now available to download. Better yet, as with Daniel's other offerings, it's completely free! Anyone would think that it was Christmas... :-)


NeogeoPocott for Pocket PC beta available!

[ Saturday, December 16 ]

There's a "preview version" of NeogeoPocott available to download for the iPAQ now, so what are you waiting for...?! Thanks to Zman3001 for noticing this in this BrightHand thread.


Oops! It's Mahjongg!

[ Saturday, December 16 ]

Oopdreams software have released Pocket Mahjongg, a title which brings "the classic game of Mahjongg solitaire" to your Pocket PC. The game, in which your objective is to match the tiles and clear the board, is shareware with a registration price of $15.


NeogeoPocott for Pocket PC site up!

[ Saturday, December 16 ]

The NeogeoPocott site is now up and running, complete with the latest news, screenshots and the obligatory todo list! Thanks to Mark Jackson for this information.


SNES emulator latest!

[ Saturday, December 16 ]

Mark Jackson wrote in with this status update he received after writing to Bradford Snow, author of the emulator:

"The linux port works at good speed if you overclock to 235Mhz and the sound is 16 bit digital, stereo works to.  I will get the WinCE port done at some point, but school is my first priority."


Put a Casino in your Pocket!

[ Thursday, December 14 ]

Aidi (website in Korean) have released a casino game for the Pocket PC going by the name of Pocket Casino. The game, which costs $14, includes blackjack, poker and a slot machine. Only problem is, I couldn't find a game homepage, so here are the links to the appropriate product information page at Handango: ARM (iPAQ), MIPS (Casio), SH3 (Jornada).


Resco free blocks!

[ Thursday, December 14 ]

As noted by CEWire, Resco have released a freeware puzzle game by the name of Resco Blocks. The game is of the sliding tile variety, where the object is to put the numbered blocks in the correct order before the time runs out.


Circular logic

[ Thursday, December 14 ]

Volodymyr Kindratenko has released Rows, a board game where the object is to line up five circles in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically by moving circles from one square to another. The only problem is that each turn you take, a new circle appears. Rows is shareware, with the author requesting a $5 PayPal donation.


aEmu: Owner sought after Casio switch

[ Thursday, December 14 ]

The author of the Aero arcade emulator (amongst others), aEmu, Boris, has announced that he has bought a Casio EM-500. As a result, he is looking for volunteers to take over with aEmu, the source code of which will soon be made available on his site. Additionally, he is planning to port aEmu over to the EM-500.


Coming soon: Buy your games at PocketGamer.org!

[ Thursday, December 14 ]

PocketGamer.org has linked up with PocketGear.com, which means that games in the Pocket PC Games.NET listings will soon have links to PocketGear.com product information and purchasing pages whenever possible. This will not only have the benefit of providing you with an extra level of convenience, but it means that any purchases made through these links will credit a small percentage of the sale to PocketGamer.org. What this naturally means is that, in the long run, this site will become infinitely better, and the world will be a far better place! ;-)


Free tic-tac-toe!

[ Thursday, December 14 ]

Jean-Claude Trachsel has released a free tic-tac-toe (a.k.a. noughts and crosses) game, to be known by the rather unusual choice of Game by Jet. There isn't a game homepage available that I could find, so here's a link to the PocketGear.com product information page.


Media Player 7 available

[ Tuesday, December 12 ]

As spotted by sticky2 in this BrightHand thread, Microsoft have released Windows Media Player 7 for the Pocket PC.


NeoPocott PC out before end of week!

[ Tuesday, December 12 ]

Thanks to Mark Jackson who let me know that the NeoPocott site is now quoting Mic, the author of the upcoming NeoGeo Pocket emulator, as saying that there will be "a first stable release... before the end of the week".


Reversi released

[ Monday, December 11 ]

Ask4Soft have released PPcReversi which is, unsurprisingly, a Reversi (also known as Othello) game. The game features five skill levels, a hint function and, most impressive of all, multiplayer games via infra-red. PPcReversi is shareware, costing $10.


iGolf reviewed

[ Sunday, December 10 ]

As promised, here's a review of iGolf. Is it really as good as it looks? Is it any better than ZIOGolf? Find out what PocketGamer.org had to say...


Cosmo's triple whammy!

[ Sunday, December 10 ]

Cosmo's Software have released three games into the Pocket PC arena. Cosmo's Game, Cosmo's Puzzle and Cosmo's Triple Change are all puzzle games, whilst Cosmo's Three Card is, unsurprisingly, a card game.


SNES emulator in less than a month?

[ Sunday, December 10 ]

Thanks to Jim Carlson for forwarding the contents of a reply he received in an e-mail from Brad Snow, the author of the upcoming SNES emulator, regarding the status of the Pocket PC port:

"Thanks for your interest,

I just started working on the PocketPC Port today. I have all the code cleaned up so that it compiles in embedded visual studio. What is left to do is write a GAPI and WinCE driver (basically write pre defined functions to work in WinCE for startup, initialization, sound, input, video, etc).

So I am making good progress, I expect to have something in a month worse case, depending on how much time I can devote to the project."

I'm sure that I'm not alone in hoping that Brad is able to devote plenty of time to the project...!


Flux goes Fishing!

[ Sunday, December 10 ]

Flux are aiming to reel new customers in with the release of a new fishing game, whose description starts: "Your favorite pets are enjoying fishing in the Pacific Ocean, the South Pole, and in [the] Amazon". Sounds pretty fishy to me!


Squirmy slithers onto your Pocket PC!

[ Sunday, December 10 ]

As spotted on ce4you, there's a new game in the Daniel Jackson collection going by the name of Squirmy. Described as a "Snake/Worms-style game", it's currently only available in demo form.


SNES on iPAQ, but...

[ Saturday, December 9 ]

There's a port of the SNES emulator, SNES9X, to the iPAQ currently underway. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's only being written for iPAQ Linux at first, which means that it won't work under the regular Pocket PC OS... Thanks to Frank and rom net for telling me about this.

However, thanks to Mark Jackson for pointing out that under the Todo list, there is the following item:

WinCE StrongARM PocketPC Version (should be straight forward using the Game API (GAPI) for direct frame buffer access)

So, hopefully, a SNES port is on the way to the Pocket PC!


iGolf: Review soon, more info!

[ Thursday, December 7 ]

Keep an eye out for a review at PocketGamer.org of iGolf at some point in the near future. With regards to purchasing the full game, a CECraft representative stated in a recent mail that "The iGolf is going to be uploaded on general download sites sooner or later. You will be able to purchase our game in that sites. I will note you when iGolf is uploaded on download sites. We think the price of game will be around $20".

In addition, it has been noticeable that the swing bar when playing on the iPAQ moves a little too quickly for comfort. This was also addressed in the mail: "We will gladly refer to your remark on the swing bar on iPAQ. Yes, as your guess, the swing bar on iPAQ is faster than other Pocket PC's. Please let us know if it makes you really hard to play the game". So, if you would like to see a more comfortable game speed, write to CECraft and let them know!


Escape from Nazi Mountain reviewed

[ Wednesday, December 6 ]

PocketGamer.org brings you a review of Escape From Nazi Mountain, the new action/adventure offering from Pocket Adventure. Is it worth surrendering your hard-earned cash, or should you be running scared...?


Major Jimmy Software news!

[ Wednesday, December 6 ]

Jimmy Software have announced that they are seeking an exclusive reseller for "the most advance[d] game in [the] handheld industry". What's more, the game offers true 3D via support for ChromaDepth glasses. Screenshots are available on the Jimmy Software site.

Not content with that, Jimmy Software have also released their landscape mode utility for the Cassiopeia range. The program is commercial software, with a price tag of  $9.99.



[ Wednesday, December 6 ]

PocketPC.cz have released 5cross, better known as Gomoku, a game which sees you trying to get five of your pieces in a row, whilst blocking your opponent's efforts to do likewise.


pdagamer.net has quick review of iGolf

[ Wednesday, December 6 ]

There's a "quick review" of iGolf at pdagamer.net, which includes a few useful screenshots demonstrating the game in action.


PDA Buzz reviews ZIOGolf

[ Wednesday, December 6 ]

PDA Buzz have just posted up an in-depth review of ZIOGolf, just in case you're one of the few Pocket PC-owning golf fans who haven't yet made up your mind! It's worth bearing in mind that ZIOGolf finally has some serious competition in the form of newly-released iGolf (as announced earlier on this site).


Escape From Nazi Mountain: Review soon!

[ Tuesday, December 5 ]

Watch this space for a review of Escape From Nazi Mountain - coming soon!


NeoPocott for Pocket PC: Your questions answered!

[ Tuesday, December 5 ]

There's a few points regarding NeoPocott for the Pocket PC that have been cleared up. It's been confirmed that there will be support for all three different processor types (ARM, MIPS, SH3), meaning that nobody will be left out in the cold. In addition, the iPAQ version will offer a virtual keypad ( la PocketNES). There's also the latest news on the emulator's development, including the news that it will soon have its own site.


New Golf game!

[ Tuesday, December 5 ]

Thanks to Joe Blow for informing me of a new Pocket PC golf game, iGolf, that has just been released from CECraft. First impressions are excellent - the game offers beautiful 3D graphics, the ability to play in landscape mode, multiplayer internet play, and plenty more indications of being an absolute classic.


Escape from Nazi Mountain demo available!

[ Tuesday, December 5 ]

The Escape From Nazi Mountain demo is now ready to download and try out, although currently it is only available for the iPAQ.


Harry Potter PM questions!

[ Tuesday, December 5 ]

Mark Ralf has kindly submitted a Harry Potter questions file (containing 80 questions in total) for Pocket Millionaire.


SNES emulator project: assistance requested

[ Tuesday, December 5 ]

Carpediem, a computer engineering student, is planning to start work on a SNES emulator for the Cassiopeia according to this message on the CEcity games board. As the post states, he's looking for other programmers to team up with, along with useful any links/information that people can provide.


NeoGeo Pocket sighted on iPAQ!

[ Monday, December 4 ]

Conclusive proof that a NeoGeo Pocket emulator is on the way has arrived in the form of a (rather blurred) photo of it running on the NeoPocott site. Thanks for this to rom net, who appears to be working overtime at the moment!


Quake port gets home!

[ Monday, December 4 ]

Thanks to rom net for letting me know that the planned Quake port, QuakePPC, now has its very own website. As of yet, there's not much on it, but its certainly worth keeping an eye on.


Pocket PC Games.NET: Games listings update/revamp!

[ Monday, December 4 ]

The games listings at Pocket PC Games.NET have undergone a thorough revamp. Out have gone the time-wasting graphics (pages should be faster to load) and in have come brief descriptions for each game, along with plenty more additions, of course! One of the reasons for the changes is that everything is now a lot less complex, which means that I can update it on a far more regular basis.

My aim is to make Pocket PC Games.NET the most thorough games listings index available, so if you do spot a title that I've missed, please write in and let me know. Also, if you are a game author/developer and would like to see a different description/information for your particular game(s), once again, please send me a mail. Finally, if you do spot any broken links, bad information, etc. please tell me and I'll fix it. For the moment the sidebars still need updating - don't worry, this will happen at some point in the near future!


NeoGeo Pocket emulator: Screenshots!

[ Monday, December 4 ]

Thanks to rom net for letting me know that the NeoPocott site now has a couple of screenshots demonstrating NeoPoccotPC, the NeoGeo Pocket emulator that is currently under development.


Balloon lifts off!

[ Sunday, December 3 ]

Mono-Q have released a new game in beta, namely Balloon. The game, which still seems fairly buggy at this stage, sees you guiding a balloon through a narrow passage, avoiding obstacles and picking up various items along the way. Incidentally, if you haven't already, take a look at their other offering, PipeDone, which is an innovative cross between two all-time classics, Pipe Dreams and Tetris.


Escape From Nazi Mountain!

[ Sunday, December 3 ]

Now's your chance to play at 007 in this new action adventure game from PocketAdventure. Unfortunately, the demo links for Escape From Nazi Mountain weren't working when I tried them, but you can admire the screenshot if nothing else. YLG alerted me to this game in this BrightHand thread.


PocketNES on the move...

[ Saturday, December 2 ]

After lots of problems with the Vintage Gaming Network hosting, the incredibly well-received (and with good reason!) PocketNES now has a new home.


New games developers: Pocketech

[ Saturday, December 2 ]

There's a new games development company on the scene with the arrival of Pocketech. As of yet, they don't have any products finished and ready to play, but there are previews of titles under development to check out, as well as a discussion forum.


Metalion looking good!

[ Saturday, December 2 ]

Some information is finally out about ZIO Interactive's robot shooter, Metalion, along with rather beautiful-looking screenshots. This looks like a game with plenty of potential...


Cubicle Chaos reviewed

[ Saturday, December 2 ]

There's a review of Cubicle Chaos up on Microsoft's Pocket PC site. In case you missed it, Cubicle Chaos is a free Arkanoid (Break Out) clone that formed part of the US-only Fun Pack.


NeoGeo: Emulator suffers shrinkage, rewrite

[ Saturday, December 2 ]

Many thanks to Vinsisan for pointing out that the NeoGeo emulator mentioned previously was, as the news item clearly stated, actually a NeoGeo Pocket emulator. Ahem! No matter what it's emulating, however, NeoPocott has another update on its status, the upshot being that the code is being rewritten from scratch.


New PocketNES update!

[ Saturday, December 2 ]

Thanks to rom net for informing me that beta 3 of PocketNES has been released, with plenty of new graphics and sound options to play around with, along with various other enhancements.





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